Where are you going on your next producer holiday ?

The Ableton Live Producer Holiday

An electronic music production school bringing fledgling producers together to boost creativity in inspiring places.
We aim to provide the highest standard of teaching through our network of Ableton Certified Trainers.

CITIES Edition

Enrich your knowledge of electronic music production in an exciting, vibrant city with daily classes, lectures and masterclasses from resident artists and industry experts.


  • Immerse yourself in the scene of one of Europe’s music capitals

  • Meet and learn from local star producers

  • Visit and attend lectures in professional studios

  • Perform in one of the popular clubs of the city

Deepen your knowledge of electronic music production in an inspiring environment far away from your usual surroundings to boost your music making process.


  • Spend a week on an island learning Ableton Live

  • Learn how to surf and ride the waves in a surfer’s paradise

  • Meet and collaborate with like-minded people

  • Perform in the closing party of helloLIVE Beach Edition

BEACH Edition